Rank Up Qustn????

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Who should I rank up 6 star Nick fury to r2 (unawakened) or Rank 5 Black widow CW(unawakened)???
And I Have few other options to, Guardian, 6*Domino & Stealthy Spidey
I'm at Act 6.3.1 and need to explore variant 5.3.1 and 5.3.2..

Thanks in Advance😇🤟

Rank Up Qustn???? 17 votes

Nick Fury 6* to R2 (Unduped)
DeaconVelvetJohnyBoy 2 votes
Black Widow CW to R5(Unawakened)
BuckyBruhRockyshockyKill_GreyGreekhitAnnihilator13_Doctor_Strange19Zan0JragonMaster170Will3808NuclearOrk 10 votes
Domino 6* to R2(Unawakened)
Maverick75 1 vote
Guardian to R5 (Duped)
xandersrevengeŘïdđhįmShannok 3 votes
Stealthy spidey (Unawakened)
Iron_J3 1 vote
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