Free Crystal objective issue

ImGodMFImGodMF Posts: 459 ★★★

I have a hunch this is not coded to accept any free crystals other than basic free crystals. I just opened a ThroneBreaker Free Crystal and the objective hasn't completed.


  • JadedJaded Posts: 3,525 ★★★★★
    My wife opened a 4hr cavalier free crystal and it worked.
  • TheAngryOneTheAngryOne Posts: 235 ★★
    Same. Restarted the game and now the "First steps" objectives are even missing
  • ShannokShannok Posts: 63
    I actually think this is for new players. "First step" you know...... When I reinstalled this game again and was logging in through my google id I saw this in the new fresh unnamed account too.
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 2,771 ★★★★
    My cav free crystal and it worked. I think that was leaked early and that’s probably why it didn’t work.
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