Summoner journey first steps solo - level up

support case 05715896

leveled up 2* Terrax to L2, no credit for this objective


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    PicklechipsPicklechips Posts: 45
    I did 2/3 and didn’t get credit. I restarted the game and the missions disappeared
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    Lovejoy72Lovejoy72 Posts: 1,858 ★★★★
    Lol, yah it’s some kind of bug. Pretty funny, but certainly paints an unattractive picture of the overall stability of the game.
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    Bigworm215Bigworm215 Posts: 4
    Leveled up my 5* archangel, no credit but the number for the objectives is showing.
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    I got the same thing and now there’s a badge showing “2” but no objectives to claim and it’s plaguing my OCD (not really but it is annoying me)
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    FezfozeFezfoze Posts: 11
    Can confirm I’m experiencing this as well. Number 3 on the objectives tab but first steps tab is not appearing, claimed the 75 is from overflow rewards however
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    TheExit27TheExit27 Posts: 678 ★★★
    I cleared & claimed two of these objectives then tried to clear the other two, but then everything disappeared.
    All that shows now is the number 2 on the objectives tab.
    I don't get why these objectives came up in the first place.
    My device is an iPhone XR.
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