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    But don't worry guys those terrible new offers are available, so milk the wales

    Those aren't really related to the process of releasing a new version. That's a whole different animal, and this is not in our hands anymore. No Developer has total control over when a new update will be available for download.

    @Kabam Miike

    Okay now seriously? I work in the real world and can understand about this now being 'out of your control' with how the chain of business works; however, backup and process this moment as a company. Instead of blaming Apple and Google, which mind you makes your business look even worse, how about sending the update off at an earlier time to make sure it hits by the time it is supposed to be released?

    Here we go with another massive slap in the face from Netmarble, can't even call yourselves Kabam anymore, those original owners actually gave a ****. If you guys gave a **** you would reasonably compensate us for what has been an awful September full of issues and a poor new War map and concepts.

    You guys constantly find ways to beat around the bush and blame others, even your players at points. How is this a good business model? When the old Kabam would mess up, they would hone up to it and I use this term for a reason, they would REASONABLY compensate us for the BS we had to deal with as a playerbase.

    Wake up. Poor concept of business in Today's world. The greed is obscene and of any game developer, Netmarble is one of the worst. You guys always make sure your deals and packages hit but as far as making sure the game runs smooth? Naw who cares when you guys as a company can go out on Yachts, party and not give AF.

    I cannot be bothered reading this whole thing as thoroughly as I prob. should, but I am going to go ahead and call it as a non-constructive post.
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