Killmonger in Variant 6. Bug or Something I am missing?

The indestructible charges you gain from sp2 does not seem to work. I gain them and in fact, I don't lose them once struck but, it also doesn't do its job. I tested it in RoL just be sure but the problem only seems to be in variant 6.
Does anyone have any explanation?


  • Rex1Rex1 Posts: 5
    I also notice same bug against Rhino boss in v6
  • RedyuhlenRedyuhlen Posts: 2
    edited December 2020
    Same with Void on 3.1, got crushed 2 times .
    Indestructible charges are displayed at 4 after 2 sp2s but they never get activated / consumed when hit

    @Kabam Miike or anyone could you advise ? Thanks !
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    Variant 6 bug on sp2 not protecting
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