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John Mulaney's Challenge Chapter 2: Do I Need To Turn Off Willpower/Suicides For This Team?

These are the champions I plan on using to complete John Mulaney's Challenge Chapter 2. I plan on using AA against Howard the Duck and Deadpool, Aegon and AA against Gwenpool (Aegon for the first first against Gwenpool to ramp up his combos for later fights), Warlock (and maybe Hyperion) against Warlock, AA against Deadpool, and Hyperion and CAIW (and maybe Aegon) against Mysterio.

Any insight on whether these are good counters? Any suggestions or tips re. Mysterio fight?

Currently I am running half suicides (liquid courage) and willpower (also salve and recovery). Do I need to turn them off?

Any advise, suggestion, tips or insight is highly appreciated. Thank you!


  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,567 ★★★★
    As long as you fight well with AA and don’t use too many specials early on, that team should be good. Also just a word of advice but for the Gwenpool I’ve heard Bane can end the fight if you want to ramp up Ægon so that’s a small problem. Otherwise you should be fine using suicides. Cap IW with Hyperion is a great shout for Mysterio that I haven’t thought of. Just farm some ROL WS first with AA for potions. You’ll probably need them running suicides on AA and Cap. I wouldn’t completely remove them but don’t put on Double edge.
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