Ghost Guide - Step by Step learning

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Ghost Guide

Awakened Ability:
Generic worthy. Starts in phase not necessary but helpful. Power per miss 2-5% based on signature level(The more the better usually people let her be on sig100, you can get to sp2 before the defender gets to even a sp1)

Non-suicide users: no synergies required but WASP makes her specials unblockable so that’s makes her gameplay easier to learn
Suicide users: hood necessary to phase recoil damage and ignore it totally
Note: Usually she can carry you the whole quest or maybe except one or two fights, personally never felt restricted enough to be not able to take wasp with her in any quest. Even done quests in act6 and variant3 where I have taken wasp, hood and antman (for extra damage) and cleared the path efficiently and easily. With perfect ghost play no block damage ever.

AI: Needs Aggressive AI, a bit passive AI maybe ok but extremely passive AI is not good for her since you need them to attack into you.

Basics: Ghost can start phasing when she dash backs (if she doesn’t already have a precision passive), during phasing all hits miss. Ghost only crits when she has the precision passive. To restart the phasing mode you either need to wait for the precision passive duration to end or hit the opponent. When you hit the opponent she will crit and the precision passive is spent. The amount of stack she has of precision passive she can get that many critical hits and they all need to go away so you can phase again.

Step1: Phase intercepts
These are the intercepts which you first let the defender attack into you and you make them miss with your phase and then intercept between those hits. With awakened ability the more hits they miss the more power you get based on signature level. So these can be divided in 1 hit phase intercepts or 2 hit phase intercepts and so on.
Always do half combos with ghost be it 1 combo or 2 or 3 or 4
For unawakened ghost: Dash back at start to start the phase and do 1 hit phase intercepts after that do a combo of 3hits so you can get some cruelty buffs on non-critical attacks. Since you won’t get any power on miss no need to stress getting too many missed hits and just miss one and keep attacking.
For awakened ghost: She will start in phase so no need to dash back and the rest goes as per AI behaves. Start with a 4hit phase intercept at the start since usually the AI will always start by trying to hit you, in case the defender doesn’t attack and tries to dash away you may struggle with that in start but with a few times of this you will get used to it let the AI dash back and let ghost keep don’t block as soon as they try to attack you just do a 1hit phase intercept so conclusion if they try to dash away do 1 hit or 2 hit or just dash back after a many practices you will have the phase timer set in your mind and won’t need to look at it. That was just the introduction to the fight.
Next only do 1 hit combo and ash back and then you do phase intercepts as needed.
Case1: If the AI retaliates instantly then you can do 2 hit phase intercepts or even 3 which is risky but not impossible.
Case2: If the AI retaliates with a break then you can do 1hit phase intercepts or 2 which is risky in this case but usually if the AI hasn’t taken a long while recovering from your combo it should be very safe.
Case3:If the AI retaliates very late then you either need to parry or just dash back and stall time to get another phase started (until the precision passive is on you, you cannot get the phase back). You can also try to get a normal intercept if you don’t want block damage.

Step2: Launching Specials
Need to phase before launching special so need the precision passive off.
For convenience’s sake, use wasp when learning. You can use your right thumb to dash back and left to launch special. In time you will get used to it enough to do both actions with your left thumb.
Without Wasp,1) you can wait for them to dash into you and then dex their incoming medium and launch a special or 2) just parry then hit(so that you can remove the precision passive it is on you) and dash back to launch special.

Step3: Launching Heavy
Don’t parry heavy unless necessary. Ghost’s block proficiency is kinda low so best way to build up furies is to counter heavy or specials with heavy. If you are not confident then just don’t. You will have to practice each and every champ separately but for first time you can practice against LOL Rulk.

Troublesome Matchups (Not Impossible):
Armor Break stops phasing so any champ who can automatically put armor break on ghost is not suitable.
Warlock: Ghost’s most damage comes from her specials but since you cannot crit warlock on special attacks without armor break the matchup may not go in your favor.
Mr. Sinister: Heals pretty much all of the critical hits so bad matchup unless you use ghost in the reverse form and use her ability not to crit at all and use heavies to increase damage. That will do a lot of block damage though on yourself so last option scenario.
Domino: Her AAR can stop phase at any random time and that can be painful lots of time.
Ebony Maw: Can’t dex back if you wanna hit him so not very good.
Electro: Damage back
Emma: Don’t try to phase her specials.
Hulkbuster: Same as Domino can stop phase anytime randomly
Longshot: Don’t try to phase his specials
Modok: Autoblocks phase intercepts if not quick enough
Magneto(both): Ghost has #metal tag
Nick Fury: Cant phase after 5charges
Nova: Unblockable hits charge him up(considering you use wasp with ghost)
Red Guardian: Blocks unblockable hits so parry or heavy counter
Silver surfer: Puts armor breaks on sp1
Terrax: Armor break from rock field
Thing: Protection from awakened ability
Vision Aarkus: Armor break from Frozen Air
Air Walker: Armor Breaks on every special attack

Tips and Tricks:
Against evaders: She reduces evade ability accuracy by 100% when she has a precision passive. So for evaders only do 1 hit combos and they will never evade.
Damaging debuffs: Try to take advantage of the passive fury buffs which you get once you phase when you have damaging debuffs on. These have almost 100% increased attack.
Special: Always try to fire only sp2 unless you can see the fighting ending with the sp1 since sp1 gives 3 precision passives and that means you won’t be able to phase straight away after the sp1.
Long Fights: You can turn cruelty passives into permanent cruelty passives with sp3 for longer benefit.
Start: Start the fight by letting you opponent miss 4times and then phase intercept, if they instead start dashing back then only 1 as soon as they decide to attack you.


  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,757 ★★★★
    This is from my personal gameplay experience
    If someone has points to add or has different viewpoints be sure to tell me.
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    edited December 2020
    You can learn to use ghost without wasp as well. Intercept them with ur sp2. I wish i could post one of my ghost videos here but am not able to :/. But hey! There are videos out there on YouTube showing how to use her without wasp.
    It works only on aggressive AIs tho (if u want to practice without wasp). Most likely won't work in RoL, but works in LoL.
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    Nice write up.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,968 ★★★★★
    Flagging this for whenever I finally get a 5/6* ghost
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    edited December 2020
    Thank you! Really love it.

    I'm always the least confident in the beginning of every fight.
    I've got her duped but even so I always used to back off at the start of the fight as if she's unawakened, just because it was easier for me to see when the opponent would dash.

    I'm definitely going to try out the 4 misses at the start now!
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,757 ★★★★
    RaviDavi said:

    Thank you! Really love it.

    I'm always the least confident in the beginning of every fight.
    I've got her duped but even so I always used to back off at the start of the fight as if she's unawakened, just because it was easier for me to see when the opponent would dash.

    I'm definitely going to try out the 4 misses at the start now!

    the 4 misses give the most power will let you get an easy phase intercept at the end and yeah it lets you get some comfortable reaction time
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    Nice writeup. FYI, Nova places a super long armor break on you and takes almost no damage from guaranteed crits.
  • Amazing_Demon05Amazing_Demon05 Posts: 2,757 ★★★★
    edited December 2020

    Nice writeup. FYI, Nova places a super long armor break on you and takes almost no damage from guaranteed crits.

    I think he takes like half damage from guaranteed crits
    I remember because i tried to knock him down with repeated corvus tries when his Eq came lol
    units finihshed and had to quit xD
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