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Proposed Immortal Hulk Buff

Been playing with him which he's quite fun, but let's get to the biggest issue. His main damage comes from his rage stacks, now they already gave him a minor buff where it pauses his stacks during specials which definitely helps.

Minor buff number two which I propose would be rage stacks are paused while hitting into block.

Why? Hulk is very good against a aggressive opponent so you can keep rage stacks going because if you don't land a hit within two seconds they restart.. So biggest weakness is a passive opponent who just holds block and won't attack back... So a champion who's defensive and holds block would only anger Immortal Hulk keeping his rage stacks going... Makes sense? This would make him easier to play.

Please take this into consideration Kabam you quickly buffed him once, and I believe you can do this minor change one more time.


  • CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 6,708 ★★★★★
    Honestly, they won’t tweak him now and I don’t think he needs it. If you get lucky, you get absolutely phenomenal damage, and if not you get decent damage.
  • WRIRWRIR Posts: 557 ★★★
    I think he's beyond saving. To save him we'd need to say have the rage stacks lasts longer or immortality be unaffected by aar or something, but it wont happen. He's a dud and will stay so.
  • NewlinstheoryNewlinstheory Posts: 847 ★★★★
    edited December 2020
    Heres my thoughts on it as someone who not only pulled him as a 6* put took him to r3(although haven’t gotten to full test him out)

    Now if Kabam was willing to buff two champions from 2020, I think theirs a possibility for him to get some number changes later in 2021.(Im honestly hoping for Airwalker, Red Goblin, and

    Is it necessary?!?

    Yes and no
    I would like more out him, but I honestly wanted a revamp for OG Hulk awhile back but then they released I-hulk and I had so much anticipated for him. Like being able prevent or get rid of unstoppable buffs, bleed resistance, physical resistance, and ofc regen(and they gave us the regen, just in an unexpected way that I really like).

    Now for the reason no....if you’re playing him skillfully you can really make the most out of him and completely destroy. It’s all about the rage stacks from what I see most people criticize about him. For me its just the recoil damage taken during the cooldown for immortality.
  • LunaeLunae Posts: 371 ★★★
    From playing him one thing I think that would be amazing for him would be for his cool down to speed up the more rage stacks you have.

    The thing I absolutely hate the most about him is that infernal cool down timer. His damage is pretty insane so it make sense in that I imagine it based on the time it takes other champions to ramp up, like Guardian, but it’s pretty boring and unsatisfying to wait it out for such a “hulking” monster. I usually wait until about a quarter is left on it, but sometimes his entire rotation is over before it’s even ends and rip lol.

    On top of that his sp3 is just weak in that for the most part it comes off as pretty useless and anticlimactic. I wouldn’t mind building to the sp3 just to burn time if it actually did something, but instead I’ve just settled for popping off an sp1 regrettably.

    I also considered the idea that maybe his regen could work like Apocalypse. In this way you wouldn’t have to start the fight waiting for his cool down to expire at the very least.

    I love him, but have to acknowledge that they might have stopped a little too soon during his design process.
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