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Symbiote Supreme VS Sorcerer Supreme

Symbiote Supreme VS Sorcerer Supreme 30 votes

Sorcerer Supreme
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Symbiote Supreme
Player1994SpeedbumpyossspktobalaPokémonmastahArnMWPdogg614AceOfDiamondScrubhanCrcrcrcWill3808FancysonBarani7da 13 votes


  • RyanPuffRyanPuff Posts: 28
    Sorcerer Supreme
    I have both of them.

    I have a r5 sorcerer, and she's one of the best mystic Champs in the game. She's very durable, she has passive power gain, good nullify, really good damage, AND she has slow which is one of the most useful debuffs and only a few Champs have this in their kit.

    Symbiote is an amazing mystic Champs too, but he's not nearly as sustainable. He lacks the regen, way less favorable match ups compared to sorcerer. His block pro is terrible.

    Symbiote does have good match ups against people with alot of buffs, but again sorcerer is overall the much better champ.
  • FancysonFancyson Posts: 54
    Symbiote Supreme
    Sorceror has more uses in general. Sym is much more of a niche champion but I would say he makes a bigger impact on ones account in terms of clearing difficult content. For example, he's a great option in abyss, which is some of the most rewarding content in the game. He also seems to solve many problems in act 6, specifically the champion and 6.3.1 medusa. That being said, its hard to give a definite answer because sorceror is still is a new champion and her potential hasnt been shown yet.
  • Player1994Player1994 Posts: 793 ★★★
    Symbiote Supreme
    Sorcerer Supreme is a meme Champ lol Why are you even voting
  • Sorcerer Supreme
    Both are superb champions . But going for socerer supreme . He is the best blocking champion in the whole game.
  • JoshKosh557JoshKosh557 Posts: 1,862 ★★★★
    Darp said:

    If ur going for abyss I would r5 sym supreme, if ur going for act 6 completion I would do sorcerer. r2-3 sym supreme can do the nerfed champion and medusa if u used to him.
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