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Still having an issue with the game freezing

Heya kabam
Still having an issue with the game freezing ,forcing me to close it when trying to enter a fight in LoL and AoL.
I know there are probably posts about this already ,but I want to know if theres any update on the situation. It's been over 9 months now, and I cant enter a fight in either quest.
Phone: Samsung Galaxy A20E
Latest update of the game
Story quest (AoL and LoL)
Occurs with all champions
No boosts are applied
Apon clicking the fight button in labyrinth of legends or abyss of legends the game freezes making it impossible to enter the fight ,or back out of the quest, issue has been occurring on my device for approximately 9 months now.

Please if there are any updates, can someone let me know ,this issue is really annoying as I've been ready to do this content for months now, but physically cannot.
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