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Next Cosmic Rank 5?

Hi Guys, I recently completed Variant 6 and got a Cosmic Rank 4-5 gem need help in deciding which champ to use it on. I already have Corvus at R5 - 5*, another Corvust a 6* R2 (which I use in AQ), Hyperion R5 5*, Venom R5 5*, and SilverSurf R5 5*. So as you see I already have the top two best cosmic champs. Would Cull really help me when I already have CG & Hyperion? I don't have Medusa so Is Vision the second-best option as Robot Killer? which one will have more use for me in Story and EQ content.

Next Cosmic Rank 5? 7 votes

Cull Obsidian ( can awaken him with Generic gem)
Kabiraz77Will3808Yodabolt21Barani7da 4 votes
Vision Aarkus ( Sig 60)
Kill_GreyAyden_noah1tofuシ 3 votes
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