Blade is " Fabulous "

Oh Kabam you went and made one of the most ruthless hero into "FABULOUS!!!" fighting machine. What's with the way he holds himself. Lol. Unreal!!! He looks like a ballerina.


  • what's with all complaints about things that don't actually affect gameplay? first it was staring at Lockjaw's rear end (not you specifically), now it's with how Blade holds himself. maybe Blade is just confident enough in his masculinity that he can look like a ballerina all he wants!

    how about finding something better to complain about, like all the ongoing and new bugs they haven't fixed yet?
  • You are completly right but if you knew who Blade is you would understand what I meant. Nothing to do with is confidence. Go check it out. Inform yourself before jumping on the victim boat. Not everything is worth fighting for. As for the bugs. The simple fact that you bring it up Proves to me you either have no idea how a game works or you are not very good at this particular game.

  • jumping on the victim boat? how so? being victim to your complaining? then yes.

    and you are correct, i'm not very good at this particular game because my vision's specials don't work all the time
  • what's your point? You're doing the same thing by answering my post.
    Did someone shat in your cheerios today?
  • Wesley Snipes
  • What a god damn pointless thread man. Go somewhere lol.
  • Stay love it
  • If you mean how he stands, movie Blade stands in the same poses. Based off his speech patterns in the dialogue, he seems to be based off the Wesley Snipes version.
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