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Chill hits at the pellet bar, need 2 more for consistent AQ Map 3

Shady Acres Retirement Alliance - mostly looking to give addicted players with real life constraints Ana enjoyable place to play, without the pressure of aggro alliances.

With 2 more, we can complete AQ Map 3 - to farm T1A for 5* champ advancement.

*AW on the weekends only - for fun, skills, not rank- just not worth the time or pressure.

If interested in a more relaxed Alliance, join up.

ShdyA - Shady Acres Weekend Warriors
Leader : Rexnspike
LineID : grexnspike - I check in every few days so please don’t be in a hurry or just tap me in game.


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    RexnSpikeRexnSpike Posts: 63
    Thanks for the responses on Line!
    Re-upping this shout out.

    Happy New Year all.
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    Rayaan_2000Rayaan_2000 Posts: 655 ★★★
    I am normally a competitive map 5 player but can't play map 5 currently because I'm preparing for exams, would like to join your ally to play map 3, can only login once or twice a day and will be unavailable quite long
    Line ID- Rayaan 2000
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    RexnSpikeRexnSpike Posts: 63
    Hi Rayaan! I tried searching your Line ID. Couldn’t find it. Join the Alliance in game - settings are open.
    Your play style should fit really well. Welcome!
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