Abyss 2nd Path (Path 5) - No AEgon or Items bought

Yesterday I was able to do my 2nd path in the Abyss, in order to achieve the exploration before end of year.
I decided to take the "Path 5", known in the map's that were created by some of the players.

This will be a similar post to my previous one, where I will basically just say who I used against who, which strategy, and some other things that might be revelant to know.


Team Used:

5-star Rank 5 Nick Fury ;
5-star Rank 5 Human Torch ;
5-star Rank 5 Ronan ;
5-star Rank 5 Corvus Glaive ;
5-star Rank 5 Magneto.


Iron Man (Infinity War) :
- Used mainly Magneto here. Parry + Heavy till the sp2, then threw it in order to apply the armor break. This way, Iron Man isn't able to get the charges due to ability accuracy reduction, and Magneto is able to easily get to an sp3. Kept the parry + heavy + sp3 strategy till I was out of HP. Then finished with Corvus Glaive to get 3x charges for the rest of the path. Cost a total of 0x revives.

Invisible Woman :
- Used Nick Fury here. Nothing to worry about. Cost a total of 2x revives.

Gladiator Hulk :
- Wasn't expecting this one to be as harder as it was. I took the decision to bring Magneto over Void for the path, so I didn't had a good heal reversal to use here.
Only used Nick Fury here. Tried to not apply any of the Internal bleed's on him, since he would just trigger his regen and make the fight harder. Problem for me was RNG, where in something around 10 fights, he triggered the regeneration on every single one of them, and the only option I had was to pause and quit the fight. As soon as he gets under 25% HP, he gets heal blocked and you don't have to worry about regen anymore. Cost a total of 15x revives.

Yellow Jacket :
- Used Nick Fury here. Get to 2x sp1's before he gets to any sp2, to avoid a power sting placed on Fury. Then I just needed to play in order to bait his sp1's, and avoid full combos to create distance. As soon as he is able to reach his sp2 due to his abyssal ability, I could finish combos and apply the bigger bleed's. At that point the fight becomes easier. Cost a total of 3x revives.

Mordo :
- Pretty straightforward fight with Human Torch. Went with full HP to block a couple more hits, and get the smoulder's. Cost a total of 1x revive.

Mephisto :
- Used Human Torch here, with his Pre-Fight ability. Managed to get the one-shot as well. Cost a total of 0x revives.

Thor Ragnarok :
- One of the reasons I brought Magneto to this path. Due to being a hero and a metal opponent, Magneto is able to get the full benefits of his abilities. Used the parry + heavy + sp3 strategy all the way. Also, if Thor got to an sp3 due to all the power gain, the damage would cap at 20% and the shocks places would deal close to no damage. So Magneto could tank a couple sp3's safely there. Cost a total of 4x revives.

Aegon :
- Used Ronan on this one. Due to Aegon having up to 6x fury buffs up to all time, Ronan is able to stun lock for the big majority of the fight. It gets a little bit hard when the charges are over, but that's just it. Cost a total of 2x revives.

Mr. Sinister :
- Used Human Torch on this one. Was expecting to die 1 or 2 times, but surprisingly I got the one-shot.
If played correctly this fight can be easier than a regular mystic fight. Cost a total of 0x revives.

Thing :
- Used Nick Fury here, with pure raw damage only. Decided to use only M-L-M combos, in order to keep the rock stacks controlled. Cost a total of 4x revives.

Red Skull :
- Went with Ronan here, with the stun chain strategy. Was able to get the one-shot after something like 1600 hits. Cost a total of 0x revives.

Bishop :
- Used Human Torch here. Tried to parry + triple light combo, in order to generate some power while not applying incinerates, and keep his power under control. Got to fully dex a couple of sp2's in a row, and a full dex on his sp1 once. When close to reaching 2 bars of power, just go ham on him, throw the special and apply the stun. Play a little slower and maximize Bishop charges while he is unable to retaliate. Cost a total of 4x revives.

Sym Supreme :
- Went with Human Torch. I took off the precision masteries in order to not apply as many crits on the fight. Additionally, I slowed play it in order to build as much smoulders as possible in the beginning, instead of doing it during the fight itself. Cost a total of 3x revives.

Masacre :
- Used Corvus on this one. Wasn't trying to maximize all hits here, but instead I started building the charges on Masacre in order to deal more damage later on. He is a little more aggressive than the regular champions, but he is still doable. Cost a total of 3x revives.

Omega Red :
- Went with Magneto, to take off the majority of his health. Kept the Parry + Heavy + Sp3 strategy. Finished up with Corvus Glaive to get the charge.

Medusa :
- This one was a little trickier. Since I had no mystic champion on the team, I went with Corvus here, and just deal as much damage as possible.
At this point, I switched masteries and started to use suicides on the run. Cost a total of 6x revives.

Cable :
- Used Magneto here. Really worked out nice.
Kept the parry + heavy + sp3 strategy. Cable wasn't getting any healing procs, and once he did it would just go against himself. I know a time when 1 sp3 + heal reversal altogether took off 23% of his HP. Cost a total of 4x revives.

Karnak :
- Another Magneto fight. Just push Karnak to the corner and keep spamming heavy attacks.
The combo meter is what increases the damage over the fight. Having Magneto awakened helps a lot to deal more additional damage. Just also keep in mind that at some point during the heavy spam strategy, Magneto gets pushed back too much and he might lose the combo, restarting all the damage. Cost a total of 6x revives.

Collector :
- Switched Corvus Glaive for Ebony Maw. Went to do a full combo but Collector was already dead.
Didn't even cared about counting. Cost something around 30x revives.


Total revives used : ~90x

Only used items that I had in the stash. No units used aside from mastery switching.
Will try to do the remaining paths soon with same objective.


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