Should I go for the (Next) Featured, or Basics?

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Alright so I'm in a deep well right now, and have no idea what crystals to open
I'm stuck on the 6.2.2 sinister since I have Angela and quake, but I've been hunting heimdall for almost 5 months now and haven't gotten him, to the point that I have given up opening dual class crystals since I keep getting doc ock and Angela. I decided that I'd start saving for the next featured 5* cause I really want CGR but more so Red Goblin (Unpopular I know), and apocalypse as well for my 6* cable. so my question, although I've greatly elongated it, is this

Should I go for the (Next) Featured, or Basics? 9 votes

Featured crystals (out in 14-ish days)
DonDudu2809Ctfz35Prakhar_82tofuシ 4 votes
Basics/Duals hunt for good counter
MeebletonCASrinivasSaltE_Wenis69Will3808Barani7da 5 votes


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    Pulled this dude couple of days ago from featured. Ig I will do featured from now on as they offer better chance at a god tier champs.

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