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Apocalypse or Cosmic Ghost Rider R5

LangpouchLangpouch Posts: 29
edited December 2020 in Strategy and Tips
Hey all. Pulled both champs mentioned in the title recently and instantly brought them both upto R4.
Just have a bit of a head scratcher on who to R5 first. Both unawakened but I’m under the impression both don’t need it.

Apocalypse or Cosmic Ghost Rider R5 19 votes

ThatGuyYouSaw235Albi⁴7²00⁴phil56201DaurasThe_HoTU 5 votes
Cosmic Ghost Rider
BrokenKill_GreyNo_oneukSarvanga1_Ctfz35Thoye3HazzalecMaxLeePrakhar_82ShenkWill3808TimmytdtBarani7daGodliek 14 votes


  • MaxLeeMaxLee Posts: 205 ★★
    Cosmic Ghost Rider
    Take them both to R5 but first Cosmic Ghost Rider his damage is insane. Today only I pulled him as 6* from Featured and instantly I took him to R2. :smile::smiley:
  • LangpouchLangpouch Posts: 29

  • LangpouchLangpouch Posts: 29
    This just happened so it answers my question.
    Kinda wished I happened used the items on the 5* now......
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