Background refresh

No longer shows in background refresh settings for IOS 11.0 and MCOC 15.1 for iPhone 6
keep having to redownload the 500+mb when start the game


  • RinzlerRinzler Posts: 23
    Nothing to do with
    This will only occur if you are using an App or setting on your phone that is consistently cleaning the App data of the Game. If you are consistently seeing this download, please ensure that you exempt Marvel Contest of Champions from the list of Apps to constantly clear the data of.

    This feature has NOT been enabled on the iPhone.

  • UnsaferBinkie7UnsaferBinkie7 Posts: 658 ★★
    Don't worry a fix will be issued soon, it's not a big deal anyways.
  • RinzlerRinzler Posts: 23
    Updated to IOS 11.0.1 & MCOC 15.1 yet still have to download the 500mb.
    App still not shown in the background app refresh settings on the iPhone 6
  • UnsaferBinkie7UnsaferBinkie7 Posts: 658 ★★
    (I was joking btw lol)
  • KarinshiKarinshi Posts: 280 ★★
    edited September 2017
    same here,
    iPad mini4 iOS 11
    can't start in-game download without VPN(I can play it normally), and after that if I login without VPN, all data will be deleted (the game will run normally) but most icons are missing and pretty much all what I downloaded is gone!!
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