Doctor strange

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Doctor strange is an integral part of mcoc , many of the events are based on his adventures but the sad thing is that he is a"puny god" . 12.0 made his buffs last longer but took away the champ's essence. The 3 buffs used to be amazing but now his armour takes a lot of damage, his fury is useless and the healthy steal doesn't even move the health bar.
The main motive of 12.0 nerf was that he was overpowered but since then many champs have been introduced like hyperion whose power gain is 'sick', ghost rider whose health steal is amazing and many more .
Now that I think of is the old ds who would've been comparable with these champs, the 12.0 nerf made ds like a burnout iRon patriot.

What I think is that
ds needs immediate attention of the game team .either they shouldn't consider him a major champ or make him one......
What do you think???
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