Help. I am stuck in a trade.

Dear kabam team, i joined an ally before gifting started and i'll be eligible for the rewards now. And i am told by the ally members that the points of the ggcs i traded along the days wont be added to ally milestone. As i thought my ggcs points i traded earlier would be added when i am eligible i was supposed to get 550 units out of them. So i promised a guy named massoud about a trade of 2 ggcs he sent them earlier before i was eligible. So can you reverse the trade . I have not claimed the ggcs yet.

My ign is:-jnli and that guys ign is:-Massoud. Please i dont wanna scam any guy for 600 units. So i want this trade reversed. Is there any way to do it?


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    Laksh1995Laksh1995 Posts: 212
    Oh yeah. Nice idea zano
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    Laksh1995Laksh1995 Posts: 212
    Zan0 said:

    Better start grinding arenas to repay him

    I did repay him. But now i have 300 extra units. Looking to trade one more lol. I wanted to drink a glass but fell in the bucket XD
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