Iron Fist Rework Suggestion(MCOC first cross class advantage character)

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Iron fist rework

First cross class advantage character best science counter ever.

Signature Ability-Chi charges
Degenerate it's opponents proportion to the combo meter
Science opponent have -100% ability reduction and his signature ability chi charges degeneration can be applied even unawaken and when awaken degeneration scales up 200% with signature Ability

Immunity- Iron fist can shrug of all debuffs(Chi blessing)within 1 sec which can add up to (1-10 chi charges) if awaken according to signature level or against science champions even unawaken
(To be noted this makes him one of the best counter for void)

Heavy attack can nullify one of the buff and can add a fate steal if iron fist has 100 or more chi charges.
Mystic dispersion can be used accordingly

Special 1(Chi gain) Can add 10 chi charges
Special 2(Chi Healing)- Consume 20 chi charges to gain 20% of health
Special 3(Chi Master)-Stun the opponent for x second according to the number of chi charges and can help to start new game with 100 chi charges if manage to ko opponent with special 3

To be noted Major damage of iron first comes from degeneration and spamming special 2 can help him to heal up but have to sacrifice some chi charges for that and players have to careful to save their special 3 for the next game advantage.


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    Furion17Furion17 Posts: 267
    Concept - Although iron fist is a mystic champion but he don't depend on magic or spells rather he enhanced his ability with his skill,concentration and practice..
    And Chi energy is an output for all those efforts

    So basically we can give him an upper hand over science
    First Cross Class advantage Champion
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