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Now nebula's timer it's ok but shocks trigger randomly when blocking and she can't parry while you have shock stacks charged.. is that normal?


  • Jac094Jac094 Posts: 198
    @Kabam Miike pls can you guys look into this?
  • I'm confused. Was this supposed to be funny?
  • vinniegainzvinniegainz Posts: 886 ★★★
    Hey man just thought I would see this for myself so I did some testing and its working fine for me but yes it is triggering shock while not parrying the opponent.

    It is supposed be on well timed blocks.
    What is broken is parry. What would be a parry pre-latest update is now not a parry. That is why you can trigger shocks without triggering parry.

    So nebula is working fine
    Parry has been absolutely trashed now
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