I need help with two paths in 6.1 exploration.

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Hey guys, I've got two paths left that I'm struggling to figure out what counters could work. I mainly need help with the Caustic Temper path, and the Sym Supreme on Buffed Up. (No Hype, Medusa, or Heimdall synergy). Any advice is appreciated.


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    Kill_Grey said:

    Those 2 paths are undoubtedly the hardest in all of 6.1. Probably top 15 in the whole act 6.

    Aegon, Ghost and venom are your best bets for either paths. I use CMM.

    Yeah, it's been so long since I've done Act 6 completion and I still don't have a real counter to Caustic Temper. Took me half an hour Quaking Sinister in 6.2 lol
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