Abyss Final Path (Path 4) - Without AEgon or Items bought

Following up the previous posts, this will detail my experience on this final run.


Team Used:

5-star Rank 5 Nick Fury;
5-star Rank 5 Human Torch ;
5-star Rank 5 Ghost ;
5-star Rank 5 Corvus Glaive ;
5-star Rank 5 She-Hulk.


Darkhawk :
- First went with Human Torch. Block as many sp1's as possible to build up smoulder's, and then try to play in order to reverse some of the regeneration darkhawk would get in the fight. Finished up with Corvus to get 2x charges. Cost a total of 0x revives.

Luke Cage :
- She-Hulk for the entire fight. Got a pretty nice run to start off, almost one-shotting him. Cost a total of 1x revives.

Killmonger :
- Used Corvus for both of them. It's a slow fight, and you will want to apply an armor break before starting to do a combo or to throw a special attack. Cost a total of 5x revives each.

Gladiator Hulk :
- Same problem as the first time I fought him on path 5. Went with Nick Fury, and more than 90% of the times he just triggered the regeneration. Finished up with Corvus to get a charge. Cost a total of 15x revives.

Yellow Jacket :
- Used Nick Fury here. Get to 2x sp1's before he gets to any sp2, to avoid a power sting placed on Fury. Then I just needed to play in order to bait his sp1's, and avoid full combos to create distance. As soon as he is able to reach his sp2 due to his abyssal ability, I could finish combos and apply the bigger bleed's. At that point the fight becomes easier. Cost a total of 2x revives.

Mordo :
- Straightforward fight with Human Torch. Went with full HP to block a couple more hits, and get the smoulder's. Cost a total of 1x revive.

Mephisto :
- Used Human Torch here, with his Pre-Fight ability. Managed to get the one-shot as well. Cost a total of 0x revives.

Ghost Rider :
- Another Human Torch fight. Nothing to worry about, just block as many as possible to build smoulder's across the fight. Cost a total of 1x revive.

Korg :
- Finally, a Korg fight that went well. Used Ghost here, and was able to take 1/3 of his health in a run, playing safely against his rock shield. Cost a total of 2x revives.

The Hood :
- The main reason why I brought Ghost for this path. I needed to time everything right, in order to enter phase the moment the debuffs were upon to proc on me. Additionally, I would need to bait his sp1's, which he is programmed to not use them as much as normal. Sometimes would just push him to an sp2, and luckily I wasn't ever punished for it. Cost a total of 11x revives.

- Nick Fury fight. Just had to be careful for the sp1 beam. Cost a total of 2x revives.

Morningstar :
- Human Torch fight. Just had to remember to use an heavy atatck every 10 hits on the combo meter. Cost a total of 2x revives.

Darkhawk :
- Went with Corvus Glaive for the entire fight. Cost a total of 3x revives.

Red Skull :
- Used everyone here. Tried to use mainly Nick and Corvus and play the fight while he was above 2x bars of power. Cost a total of 2x team revives.

Bishop :
- Used Human Torch here. Tried to parry + triple light combo, in order to generate some power while not applying incinerates, and keep his power under control. Got to fully dex a couple of sp2's in a row, and a full dex on his sp1 once. When close to reaching 2 bars of power, just go ham on him, throw the special and apply the stun. Play a little slower and maximize Bishop charges while he is unable to retaliate. Cost a total of 4x revives.

Sym Supreme :
- Went with Human Torch. I took off the precision masteries in order to not apply as many crits on the fight. Additionally, I slowed play it in order to build as much smoulders as possible in the beginning, instead of doing it during the fight itself. Cost a total of 3x revives.

Masacre :
- Used Corvus on this one. Wasn't trying to maximize all hits here, but instead I started building the charges on Masacre in order to deal more damage later on. He is a little more aggressive than the regular champions, but he is still doable. Cost a total of 6x revives.

Omega Red :
- Went with Corvus here. Just played slowly and tried to not let him build charges on me. Cost a total of 3x revives.

Hyperion :
- Since I didn't had a mystic champion this time, I went in with She-Hulk. She did the job well enough. Cost a total of 1x revive.

Karnak :
- This one was a little worse than in the previous runs, since I didn't had a really good counter. I mainly used Ghost and threw heavy attacks in the corner. Cost a total of 9x revives.

The Collector :
- Who?
31x revives


Total revives used : ~107x
Total team revives used : 2x



Tier 5 Catalysts: 1x Science and 1x Mystic. No uses yet.

And finally, after just finished doing this quest, he pop's up out of a daily crystal.


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