Kabam need to have better deals in order for me to spend more money on shard crystals deals

WayWorn2525WayWorn2525 Posts: 106
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This topic has probably been talked about more than once. the dilemma of buying more 5* stars to get a feature 5* crystals or reg. 5*, I end up not buying the 1.5K 5* star and popped the feature 5* crystals. Ended up with 5* stars Hulk. Just solidify my decision not to buy any more of these $30-$50 bonus deals for crystals and just grind them out, here on out.
Kabam if you can up the odds on these crystals, you can expect me to toss more cash at you. But for now, grinding out would be fine with no regrets instead of spending tons of $$$ and end up with **** such as Howard the Duck, Diabolo, and IP, which were the first 3 characters I got with my first 3 5*star crystals.
Wonder how long will take to grind out for decent 5* characters and when will this unlucky streak end.

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