Cavalier crystal luck.

RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 517 ★★★
Today got 6* Rogue from basic Cavalier crystal(can't complain) and I like Rogue as a character but how good is she? Is she worth ranking up?


  • Luke9523Luke9523 Posts: 502 ★★★
    She's not great, but not too bad either. She is much better when awakened with a high signature level.
    Personally, I wouldn't start ranking her up unless I had duped her. And even then I still might not rank her up.
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  • Batman_bruce31Batman_bruce31 Posts: 124
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    I absolutely love rogue but she doesn't do anything great that others can't do.
    She has a very good kit...
    Regen, power control, buff copy & buff control.
    The thing is....she doesn't have the damage to compete with other champs.
    Once awakened.....she enters her beast mode.
    She has one of the best power control when awakened. ( Magik fans hate me 😂 )
    Because her power control doesn't rely on debuffs and any buffs on her just enhance her abilities. I have had many situations where i threw 4-5 sp2s back to back. ( Mine is 5* sig 60 )
    I would take her to r2 when awakened and atleast sig 40 but not r3 unless u are desperate to get TB title ( if u are already not ).
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 517 ★★★
    Thanks guys!
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