Agent Venom Rework Concept

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Here's a rework concept that I came up with for Agent Venom, a character who initially had decent utility but has slowly become more and more outdated as time went by.

New Awakened Ability: Better Together

Whenever Klyntar Rage is active, any shrugged off debuffs reduce the opponent’s ability accuracy by X% per shrugged off debuff while Klyntar Rage is active. This counter resets when Klyntar Rage goes on cooldown.

If Agent Venom is fighting a Spiderverse Champion, this counter does not reset.

New ability: Klyntar Rage

When Agent Venom holds heavy for .7 seconds, he shrugs off all debuffs on him and gains a Klyntar Rage passive for 15 seconds, increasing Attack by 200 + 50 for each debuff he shrugs off for the duration of the passive. Agent Venom reduces enemy evasion chance by a further 50%.

If Agent Venom shrugs off 3 or more debuffs, he goes unstoppable for 3 seconds.

While this passive is active, any shrugged off debuffs get converted into permanent Fury buffs, increasing attack by +50. These buffs persist after Klyntar Rage expires

When this passive expires, it goes on a 15 second cooldown.

This passive automatically triggers when Agent Venom reaches 50% health and 25% health. If it is triggered while on cooldown, the cooldown is increased to 20 seconds.

Agent Venom cannot shrug off Incinerates in this mode.

All Specials:

Flash tries to suppress the Symbiote, applying one Suppression debuff (max stack of 2.)

Suppression has no effect on Agent Venom.

Agent Venom has a 0% chance to shrug off Suppresssion. This increases to 100% when Klyntar Rage is active

New Special 3: Venom Unleashed (this is a really corny name, gonna try and think of a better one).

Flash lets the Venom Symbiote loose as it unleashes its fury upon those who would wrong it.

If Klyntar Rage is off cooldown when the special is activated, it is immediately triggered.

If Klyntar Rage is active when the special is activated, the duration is increased by 5 seconds

If Klyntar Rage is on cooldown when the special is activated, the cooldown is decreased by 5 seconds

My main concern is the numbers (specifically the increase in attack rating with Klyntar Rage and the furies) might need to be changed since they might be a little UP or OP (these are based on a max 4*)

If you have any feedback lmk :)
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  • Moot4LifeMoot4Life Posts: 2,132 ★★★★
    Nice rework idea I like it. Agent venom was my second 5* so I would like a rework but TBH he isn't that bad do they might focus on other champions (hopefully not lol (
  • BrahasolBrahasol Posts: 5
    Great idea. Seatin should see this
  • Fear_of_Clowns2099Fear_of_Clowns2099 Posts: 637 ★★★
    Brahasol said:

    Great idea. Seatin should see this

    Why did you necro this thread? If you did not know, you are not supposed to bring back old threads up.
  • BrahasolBrahasol Posts: 5
    Cause I was nice that’s why.
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