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Monthly Calendar.

I have not missed one day on the monthly calendar. Not one. Yet, I login to see I'm 4 days behind and the calendar only has one left. I was really looking for that GM crystal. I was genuinely happy with Kabam and then of course this happens. I'm the only one in my alliance that didn't get it and won't and it's not even my fault. Is anyone else having these issues?


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    Mate, straight away you are attacking and saying its not your fault etc. The fact that you show as having missed 4 days, sort of shows that maybe you did miss those days and it is your fault doesnt it?
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    No dude. Glitches exist in case you haven't noticed. I did not miss a single day this month. My alliance can vouch. One of them had the same issue except instead of being 4 days like it is for me he was set back one day and he didn't miss anything either.
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    JameshuffingJameshuffing Posts: 9
    edited September 2017
    That's like blaming a bystander for getting hit in the face lol.
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    Anyway mate, only way is to raise a ticket, no-one on here can help with this at all
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    Raise a ticket?
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