Fix Spiderman (Miles Morales) please!

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Kabam needs to fix Spiderman (Miles Morales) powers. His sign ability should be Power Mastery because of his history of having a lot of power but not a lot ability to use those powers to their fully potential right away. Of course Miles Morales would not be complete without his Camouflage Ability, even though he already has Spider Sense because he is supposed to be nearly untouchable. Thus he should have the ability to Camouflage and use Spider Sense. I am sorry if that makes the game harder but I don't even want to see this version of Spiderman without accurate representation of all Miles Morales's powers. This would also fixing a couple of other things too. This would include making sure his Venom Stings activate Poison and Shock/Electric debuff on his opponents. For additional touches I think this character's special 2 needs to have a part where he goes up to his (Miles Morales) opponent and gives them a shock debuff with his electric touch (if he doesn't already). Side bar for one second I would like the reader to know Miles Morales has Electric Touch and Venom Sting powers. So it would be nice to see him Electrify touch and Venom Sting touch his opponents in this special 3. This would put at least one poison and two shock debuffs on the opponent. Lastly, I really like that idea that you added to Miles Morales of him randomly Venom Stinging his opponent but was hoping you could add animation of the actual sting in there, and was thinking that he could also venom sting the opponent in his heavy attack. At the end of the day I really want to see all these changes and offer this up in exchange to Kabam. As you know the Contest is a complex game with a lot of characters and possible story lines so if you need to decrease Miles Morales's overall power in order to make him a fair opponent while adding all the changes I am strongly but not forcefully suggesting then can do it with a story quest. Although I am not completely sure you care about fairness of game play for players because of how powerful Spider-ham turned or some other characters turned out to be.
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