Despair or Willpower

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I'm saving up units and bc to unlock the more expensive masteries and I'm wondering which one to unlock. The utility or Despair or sustainability of Willpower I only have the basic masteries. None of the ones that need 5 carbs. I haven't even unlocked recovery

My roster below

Despair or Willpower 8 votes

Hammerbro_64RDMNMars_Ultor 3 votes
olegpetrov80326gforcefanFaseehAmnetiestofuシ 5 votes


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    If you don't plan on using suicides, willpower is not necessary and more of a 'nice to have' mastery in matchups where you can heal from debuffs, compared to despair that can help end fights quicker and will cost you less units at the moment than unlocking necessary defence masteries to get to willpower as you mentioned you don't have recovery unlocked.

    Personally I run 2 points in despair with or without suicides. Looking at your roster I think your void, iw cap and clare will all benefit from it greatly, hopefully that helps
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    Rank up the cat. Beyond god tier
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