Downloading extra 567mb of content for "optimal gameplay"

Hey kabam and players I have been experiencing these new extra content bugs or I dunno what every time I log in. This has just happened after the new update and I am very displeased that I have to wait a good 10 minutes every time i log in!
I even have to use my cellular data when I'm not connected to wifi
I'm not sure this is counted as optimal as I have to wait ages before I get in.
Please fix this kabam I need to grind for mephisto and I will not use another 500mb of my data again. Thanks


  • Probably android users are the ones that are affected. I'm using S7 Edge and it's my 3rd time downloading the damn update. Its very inconvenient since I'm just using cellular data. I spent around 1.5GB data on this. Kabam please fix it.t6njufaxzl7m.png
  • I am iOS also experiencing
  • JadenBlueJadenBlue Posts: 14
    Same here. 4 times in less than 3 days! Only have ss for three out of the four hpgcb5ondvly.png
    nly qq6sm965ew5n.png

  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 207 ★★
    This should only happen once after the 15.0 install. Check and make sure you have enough room on your device, if you dont, make room and leave a cushion. Shouldnt happen again after that.
  • I hope this fix can solve Samsung or Android device users as I also faced the same:
    1) As shown in the snapshot below, my auto clean settings cleared cached and other data and my game crashed suddenly at 00:01 even though I was in-fight
    [img][/img 2) So, try switching OFF this setting or uninstalling such auto memory cleaning app like "Ccleaner" or something[/img]79mvfn5lq1mb.png

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