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when will kabam fix the bugs?

every month this game keeps getting new bugs that kabam never fixes & if they do fix a bug it leads to even more bugs. this month with the 29.2.1 android only update after installing it i can't do more then 2 fights in any quest before the game crashes & 1 round of arena before it crashes there. i spend more time loading the game then getting to play it. then there's all the bugs based off champions which take forever to fix if they ever do. this has been happening forever but they will say it's the players fault be it their connection or their device because it certainly can't be kabam's fault.

why don't you focus on fixing the bugs that keep filling up the forum instead of releasing a new update every month which always causes more bugs which won't be fixed anytime soon. you tell people to post any bug that they experience in the lag, crashing & performance investigation post but you never respond back to the posts in there giving us updates on when or what caused the bug in the 1st place. every post in there is a complete waste of time because you clearly don't read them or you do & you just don't care. when you do release a new update going forward here's some free advice test the game out multiple times on every device that it runs on & if there are bugs on it fix it before releasing it.

my phone for over a YEAR will go black screen after loading a fight multiple times daily. while in the black screen the game is still playing leaving me 2 options 1. try to fight blindly & hope i win without getting a lot of damage done to me or 2. restart the game & lose half my health. that 2nd option has probably cost me over 5000 units but has kabam done anything to fix it even after sending multiple reports about it? NO. they just send a stock response saying have you tried turning your phone off & on.



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    sacoma_sack78sacoma_sack78 Posts: 142

    I go through the same thing and definitely can relate to your frustration. Sadly, Kabam will not treat this with any urgency until the community as a whole makes a united stand against them. But while they have heavy spenders on YouTube, things will continue as they are and you'll be given the same generic responses from support.

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    DaddriedaDaddrieda Posts: 1,595 ★★★★
    I suspect they don’t have enough man power or aren’t organized enough to iron out the bugs. Coding isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t take years.
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