I Just Finished Exploring Variant 5 and...

Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
Here are some thoughts. First, I had a blast! I really enjoyed a lot of the paths and fights, especially with the Mystic class! Black Widow CV put in a ton of work and Symbiote Supreme and Longshot had their moments. Longshot was such a blast on the Power Shield node path! One SP2 melted the opponents, finishing fights within 30 seconds, it was awesome! Venom and Sparky had their uses as well. The only thing I really want to complain about is the generic R3-R4 gems for 2017. First, why is there a cap of 3 we can keep on hand?! In previous Variants they were gem crystals that we could open or hold on to: here they go directly into inventory and we are capped at 3. With the class gems we get 3 per class, so shouldn't we be able to hold unto 18 generic ones? Or at least 10. Plus, can we move up in the years the gems apply? Between all the Variants I am running out of champs to use the gems on or else the champs suck so terribly they aren't worth taking up even with a gem. I definitely feel like this needs to change! Please either increase inventory or make them generics without any restrictions: not by year, not by anything. Like the rank 2-3 gems. Just straight up able to apply to any champ. Anyways, I will be working on exploration for Variant 6 as I'm trying to become Thronebreaker. Didn't get the class T5CC I was wanting, but what else is new?!


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    Nice job dude! How was the stun immune bane path though lol.
  • Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    Moot4Life said:

    Nice job dude! How was the stun immune bane path though lol.

    I mostly use Sparky for it. I just built up his charges then went at them with him. I find him easy to intercept with and as long as champs throw specials he can get in that window to keep bane off himself. :)

    Overall, I did use items, so it's not like every path/boss fight was error free, I just enjoyed the challenge overall and mostly appreciated that no paths/chapters were too long. Great rewards for the effort!
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