Each of Every Class Candidate Ranking

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Made it very clear and simple with the image below, showcasing both 5 and 6-star Roster.
I can rank up a lot since i gathered many 2-3 / 3-4 / T5Basics to Rank Up.
I Completed ALL VARIANTS so yeah...
I want to dive back into ACT 6 beginning February.
Im looking to Rank Up 2 six-star champions who will candidate to also further Rank 3 when
Available like my Cull Obsidian.
I RUN SUICIDES & DEEP WOUNDS MAX, No Mystic Disspersion .
Void is Sig 30...
Colossus Sig 20
CapIW sig 167
Wolverine Sig 200
CMM Sig 117

Each of Every Class Candidate Ranking 10 votes

Science - CapIW or Void or Spiderham
Blizzard28EtherealityBarani7da 3 votes
Mutant - Colossus or Proff X or AA or Wolverine
Colonaut123Sarvanga1_Thebombsquad1avenge_123 4 votes
Skill - BWDO or Blade
Mystic - Voodoo or Dragonamn
Icy000Nikunj_95 2 votes
Cosmic - CMM or Venom
Time to invest in 6-Star Champions (got 21 total)
MAC_ISO8 1 vote
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  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 410 ★★
    Science - CapIW or Void or Spiderham
    Science : CAIW

    Mutant : Toss up between Collie and Prof X

    Skill: I'd rather rank Killmonger

    Mystic: Vodoo, as he doesn't exist as 6* and he does need his dupe.

    Cosmic: CMM cuz u have NF. Venom if you havent done Variants 6, 5 and 2.
  • avenge_123avenge_123 Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    Mutant - Colossus or Proff X or AA or Wolverine
    Science:I'd suggest ranking up caiw,all day,but if u think to rank up spiderham,It's better to rank up shulk,she has tons of utility and damage.

    Mutant:Col,archy or prof X all are superb.

    Skill:Blade would be good,or u can wait for kingpin buff.

    Mystic :rankup sorcerer supreme,u will have no regret.

    Cosmic:CMM would be really good,Venom is a good consideration.

    Tech:Oh where's ur tech class?
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