Could all champions' signature abilities scale progressively or logarithmically?

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Some 5/6* signature abilities require nearly sig 200 to reach ideal effectiveness, esp. the science class - these curves are usually exponential ie caiw and void .. couldn't all champions have a logarithmic curve like iron fist or karnak so the majority of the signature benefit and utility comes at lower signature levels? Players then would equally value duping a champion and awakening that champion versus simply obtaining another copy of that champion which does little to add to its value and its utility! This would be a consistent rule to all champion design and the world system of mcoc reducing frustration and increasing value and satisfaction!


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    Some champs require sig 200 to reach ideal effectiveness because...maybe sig 200 is the max level? If you don't want to max a champ out you should not be able to use them at their full effectiveness. Champs with logarithmic sig curves are the exception, not the rule.
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    Crcrcrc said:



    It’s okay for them to scale differently.
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