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New Rouge passive ability Idea

H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
edited September 2017 in General Discussion
Based off what Rouge actually does i'm just thinking whether it could be more practical. Rouge is an X-men that has the ability to steal other mutant's gifts for short amount of time so how about apon doing her SP1 she can steal the oppenent's SP2 ability and copy it. You'll only be able to do this if you land her SP1 otherwise her SP2 will remain the same; If you do this she will gain the full animation and effects of the oppenents SP2 once she reaches it. I think this would be a nice touch for her, tell me what you guys think of this?


  • Viper1987Viper1987 Posts: 728 ★★★
    She already steals abilities with her L1 and L3. Buffs anyway.
  • H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
    edited September 2017
    I never really notice it, I think it would be cooler for her actually steal the animations from characters as well.
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,977 ★★★★★
    The majority of specials wouldn't match her character
  • H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
    It wouldn't matter how it looks, she would just mimic any characters SP2.
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,977 ★★★★★
    It would matter how it looks. You don't expect her to fire off a missile from absolutely nowhere.
    She is fine as it is. She copies buffs, that's enough
  • Rogue. ROGUE.
  • H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
    edited September 2017
    Sorry Barry_Allen00, my mistake soldier.
  • H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
    Yh, actually it would look pretty nuts if she fired a missle from nothing also I didn't consider characters with weapons of any sort. ^^
  • Vossler77Vossler77 Posts: 683 ★★
    edited September 2017
    What the hell is going on. Everywhere i see a post about her everybody calls her ROUGE. ITS R O G U E.
  • H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
    Dude i'm sorry my mistake, another guy just before you corrected me as well on it.
  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
    Everything about Rogues specials are awesome. L1 replicates their buffs and steals health, and her L2 as it is now is pretty damn amazing.

    You're idea is cool, I like it. But in my opinion it would weaken her. She's a legit power steal champ now with the ability to use her L2 and restore another L2 with a crit or at minimum restore an L1.
  • H3LLSHOW247H3LLSHOW247 Posts: 151
    I definitely agree with you R4GE. As I fight with her sometimes I never really pay attention to her doing that so random I thought about her being able to mimic other characters moves/powers. We kinda ruled out that some animations from other character may look quite strange but it was a good idea I guess; thanks for the feedback soldier. ^^
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