AQ APOC blocking Tigra unblockable special hits

LucidblueprintsLucidblueprints Posts: 46
edited January 2021 in Bugs and Known Issues
No - I do not have video unfortunately.

Map 5 AQ, modifier hurt locker all linked nodes down.

APOC blocked Tigra hits on sp1 and sp2 that said unblockable. Have another alliance member who experienced same.

Is there some possibility APOC can do this? Never had him be able to block Tigra unblockable hits before.


  • No, when I went to launch my sp2 I paid attention for that (maybe on sp1?). I'll have to record my fight next time I battle him.
  • Oneeye1Oneeye1 Posts: 29
    I had the same thing happen today in map 7 and her icon showing she is supposed to be unblockable was up but when I threw the spec1 no unblockable icon and apoc blocked the hit. Clearly there is some kind of bug. Out of all the specials I threw only this one did not trigger unblockable.
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