Any tips for playing around the regen issue for DDHK? (w/suicides)

GMAX77GMAX77 Posts: 272 ★★
Hey guys. It's all good. I was in the camp who was wanting to see an adjustment to Daredevil's regen from 40% to a little higher, but @Kabam Miike said that they were happy with him for now. Fair enough. A lot of work went into his adjustments so those who run liquid courage and double edge have to make the best of it. I guess that's my question. Short of turning them off, has anyone found any strategies which can help mitigate some of the issue. I've been using the Nick Fury and Deadpool X-Force synergy, but even with that he's lost a good chunk of HP by around the 4th fight. He's a fun champ to play, so I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas how to help him last a little longer. (I'm still hoping that Kingpin has a synergy with him to bump up the regen. o:) One can hope)
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