How does AW MVP calculation work?

I placed in the top 3 of my last war... yet I did not get MVP? Someone in my ally that placed 10th was the #3 MVP instead? Can someone explain this to me? It's not the same as the skirmish rewards leader board?


  • UC439UC439 Posts: 261
    No, it depends on map exploration.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 6,021 ★★★★★
    I have a feeling it is based off your placement hero strength, maybe attack hero strength plus defender kills and attacker kills.

    When AW starts, you can see a your percentage in the battlegroup. Then as you attack and explore, the % changes.

    The new stat on attacker kills is merely for gold rewards.
  • beaupoembeaupoem Posts: 443
  • Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
    They did announce that it was a point system based on exploration and total defence kills.
    Check through the thread 'Alliance Wars 15.0'
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