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Newer alliance looking for casual/experienced players

Good evening everyone,

I started a new account and this alliance was the first one I was put in and after a few weeks I was made leader.

I have a lvl60 account which is cavalier but I just wanted something new and I’ve had some great luck and fun on this account.

The alliance is quiet casual, map 3 for 1 BG inAQ just now and got bronze 2 from 1 BG for AW, looking for talented players who just fancy taking it a bit easier than normal.

Above image is the alliance and below is my leader account.

Hope to see some new faces and see if we can grow this alliance together, thanks!


  • KGW186KGW186 Posts: 171

    My cavalier account profile if it matters to anyone .
  • KGW186KGW186 Posts: 171
    Looking for progressing and committed players for our alliance, just to help complete AQ map 3 every day mostly :)
  • KGW186KGW186 Posts: 171
    Looking for members before the new AQ starts, nice and chilled map 3 should be easy for most :)
  • KGW186KGW186 Posts: 171
    Got 2 spaces left before AQ tomorrow, depending on experience and profile some new members may be made officers to help with starting AQ/wars.
  • KGW186KGW186 Posts: 171
    Few more spaces opened up as inactive members have left.

    Just looking for active progressing players to run map 3 in AQ :)
  • KGW186KGW186 Posts: 171
    Hi guys,

    Looking for help now, some of the alliance is letting me down and avoiding AQ map 3 and any other alliance activities.

    Would really appreciate help from any progressing active players or experienced players who fancy taking it easy for a bit.

    Thank you.
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