Sunspot or Colossus?

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Both 5*s are at 3/45. Who should I take up to 4/55 first? I love playing both of them.

Sunspot or Colossus? 16 votes

Colossus (Sig 20)
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Sunspot (Unawakened)
Kabiraz77KRoNX1 2 votes
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    Colossus (Sig 20)
    Not even close.. I have both at 5/65 Sig 200.... I use sunspot in neiche scenarios to where, when he’s good he’s GREAT but colossus.. I literally use him EVERYDAY. he’s bleed immune, incenerate immune, colds nap and frostbite immune. He’s my personal Swiss Army knife. I promise you won’t regret ranking your collosus... his damage is INCREDIBLE and his utility makes him special
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