Mephisto Aura of Incineration

Ok, so Mephisto is great and stuff, but there are some things not working right and here is my list: -

- Aura of Incineration's range is either incredibly inconsistent or sometimes just does not work. It would appear that if an opponent is attacking whilst it is active then most of the time they are not taking damage and Mephisto is not gaining power, despite them being right next to him. It's bad enough that the normal spacing between characters isn't enough for them to take damage because the only other way to get close it to start attacking, which isn't ideal. Either fix the spacing or sort it out so that when they are in close, they are taking consistent damage please.

- Soul imprisonment isn't working properly. I don't know how many things it applies to but it used to stop Voodoo's regeneration and for some reason it isn't doing it any more. It still stops Hyperion's power gain so it isn't totally broken (although it just means he gets his cosmic buffs instantly and hits bloody hard)

His SP3 wasn't working properly but I just tested that again and it looks to be fixed.
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