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I found a way to play spider ham and avoid the game crashing bug.

Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,302 ★★★★
edited January 30 in General Discussion
This strategy is not a 100% working one but you’ll still be able to play him. When you want to play him and use him until you close the game follow these steps:
1.) Go to your champion page and locate spider ham. (Here’s mine for example.)

2.) Tap on Him and tap the “info” button. (Picture for example)

3.) Once in the screen tap, spam tap the abilities side to the right. (This is where it will ever crash or it will the spider ham model)
4.) If it crashes, restart the process. If it doesn’t crash you should see the following screen.

5.) You will now be able to play spider ham again! However, it will only work until the game crashes or you close the game out.

I hope this helped you all! I can post a video if you guys would like!


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