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The new end date will be May 1st.

The Ultimate MCoC Overhaul

This is VERY LONG and is a full overhaul idea for the game, adding near 20 new features in depth.
Please read and comment thoughts...

Increased Level Capacity
- Increase the Level Cap from 60, to 100 via; every 3 months, add 10 levels.
In addition, level up should give units, gold and specialty items as well as a single mastery point per level up.
Also, adding new masteries to achieve, explore and try.

Members Mode
- Players can play free as they already do or for a monthly fee of $9.99, players can play members mode.
In members mode, players can do the same thing as usual, pay, play and grind but with the added bonus of 10% Unit Store discounts and 15% Special Offer discounts as well as special members mode offers exclusive to members only.
Things like upgrade packs, titles, unit packs, exclusive champions, early access champions etc.

Purchasable Champions
- Add a section to the 'Store' for champions.
Instead of purchasing Premium Hero shard crystals, 3* crystals or 4* crystals for 2000 shards each, add ALL champions (that are available in PHC, 3* and 4* drops) into the store tab as outright purchasable characters.
2* Champions = 10,000 shards
3* Champions = 12,000 shards
4* Champions = 20,000 shards
(Could be made higher, dependent on how quick shards can be made)
Purchasing an unowned champion, simply grants the champion.
Purchasing an already owned champion will give the champions Signature Ability one level,  no Iso or Gold will be given.
Purchasing a Max Sig Level champion is not possible.

NOTE: If the above idea is too bad or wrong for you, perhaps;

4* Basic Arena Milestone
- Simple.
As 3* and 4* featured arenas work, highest 10% win the new champions... fair enough.
But the 4* basic champions should not be score based rewarded, instead make the top tier rewards high 5* shards, like 1000-2500 or give good gold like 100,000-250,000 or even units like 200-500.
Then make the final milestone 2,500,000 and it awards the players the 4* Basic Champions.

Crystal Gifting
- The option is there while gifting, for a crystal. Make this permanent for Gold, Arena, Loyalty or PHC crystals.

Inventory Gifting
This is to gift items a player owns already to another player, like potions, revives and emergy refills etc.

- Each player should enter thier birthday and on thier birthday, Kabam sends a special crystal with a HIGH chance for a GOOD champion, wether that be 3*, 4* or even 5*.
(Perhaps just make it either an Ultimate Crystal, Grandmaster Crystal or Legendary Crystal)

The Gauntlet
- Adds a new way for players to obtain the new 3* or 4* Featured Champion.
Open the 'Gauntlet' in 'Fight' tab.
Pick 3* or 4* Gauntlet.
Enter Gauntlet.
Player must complete the Gauntlet to win rewards.
Gauntlet goes as follow;
1 line quest, no side paths, like Road to the Labyrinth.
There are 10 fights.
Player uses 1 single champion, the 3* or 4* featured hero.
They must win 10/10 fights to obtain the champion.
The setbacks;
A.I enemies are all Class Bonus against the featured hero.
Player suffers degeneration and is perssed for time in the fight.
Starts each fight with full health.
3* Gauntlet fights 5* champions and ends on the 5* Maestro.
4* Gaunlet fights 6* champions and ends on the 6* Collector.
It costs 150 units to enter 3* Gauntlet and 250 for 4*.
Gauntlet can only be attempted once per champion.

Windows 10 Compatibility
- Make the game Windows 10 and Xbox compatible. This branches more players and more income for Kabam and with a wider depth of gameplay and function, the game could be a purchaseable game.

Quarterly Logins
- Allow players who repeatedly login every day of every month consecutively to get a special reward every 3 months for constant 3 month loyalty and activity.

Bulk Crystals % Rate
- If a player buys the same crystal in succession, eg: buy 10 PHCs, the rare drop rate increases with each purchase.
If the same crystal type isnt purchased after 2 minutes of the previous opening, or another type of crystal, Arena crystal, Featured etc, is opened, the rate resets back to its standard.
This is to give players a more rewarding and time consuming chance at good rewards.

Mixed Class Champions
- Being new champions (and maybe edit some old ones) that have two class bonuses.
The bonus add and take normaly dependent on what they face.
If a Mutant-Cosmic (Rogue) fights a Skill-Tech (Nebula) the Rogue would be 4x stronger.
Nebula and Rogue would be great dual class champions.

Training Ground
- Allow players to have a 1v1 match against a variable A.I.
Player can pick a champion to use out of any and all champions in the game, even current arena champions. The same setting can be chosen for the opponents A.I.
The champions include, All base game champions, new arena champions, unplayables (Thanos, Maestro etc) and Symboids/Adaptoids/Deadpooloids.
The */Rank/Level can be chosen of each champion for both player and opponent.
Fights cost nothing and award nothing.

Thanks for reading and sitting through all the droning.
Let me know what you think.
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