Mole man isn't shrugging off suicides like he did pre buff.

Noticed this bug when going against the Mister Fantastic in the even quest and also tested it against ROL Winter Soldier several times. I did not fight any mutants and am aware of the 70 percent ability accuracy reduction against them. He also wasn't shrugging off any other debuffs either.


  • heruheru511heruheru511 Posts: 132
    Yup, same thing happened to me, he didn't shrug off any debuff. Purified debuff supposed to turn into monster mass right? I think he is bugged atm.
  • AxiisAxiis Posts: 12
    edited February 6
    Same for me as well, he doesn't shrug off suicides, exhaustion, and other various debuffs
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit

  • WhiteWofWhiteWof Posts: 3
    Same problem here
  • Ik08Ik08 Posts: 9
    Happend to me in war p4 against invisible woman, dueled her after and still bugged
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