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Looking for serious alliance for growing mid tier players

My ign is ashburn98.
A little something about me:
I was once a modder back in June, but after being temp banned I repented and went back to the righteous path of playing honest. Since then I improved my gameplay by a lot. I consider my skills to be quite good and I can take on opponents thrice my weight if I need to. I'm not a boss killer tho but I'm working towards it. I'm looking for an alliance around the 2 mil rating which is doing map 3 and above (I have a ton of map 5 experience too) and regular AW earning 4 star shards. Donations aren't a problem for me, as long as I'm not paying more than my own share. Biweekly summoner advancement is fine too, I have no probs hoarding crystals.

Please don't judge me for my actions of the past and judge me for the player I am now. All I'm asking for is a chance. You won't regret having me in your alliance


  • Isman1998Isman1998 Posts: 520 ★★★
    I hit you up on line
  • Isman1998Isman1998 Posts: 520 ★★★
    I also sent you a friend request in game.
  • AshburnAshburn Posts: 270
    Bump and Update: looking for alliance of 3000 prestige doing regular map 4
  • AshburnAshburn Posts: 270
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    I added you in game to see if you are interested. Alliance tag is ALETE
  • Kano87Kano87 Posts: 12
    Hey Ashburn I think we are the right Alliance for you bud we are a 3.5million Alliance that is growing and I think you can benefit from us and get to that growth you are searching for hit me up bud
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