10.2k Prestige Player Looking for AQ Focused Alliance.

Ideally I'm looking for an AQ focused, War optional Alliance, running Map5x3, scoring a minimum of 220 million.

Preferably EU timezone, but can also deal with US timezones with little issue.

Send me a message here and we'll get discussing.


  • 54patriots1254patriots12 Posts: 126
    Let's connect on LINE app. My ID is 54patriots12

    We run 5x5. Considerably rare for us to miss getting 100%. Scores average 255-260 million points depending on where our prestige is for the week.

    For war we run 1bg during the season. It's optional. We are in the silver 1 - gold 3 range.

    More us timezones, but we do have a mix of EU also.
  • UCanHateMeNowUCanHateMeNow Posts: 57
    Hey Damien
    Check us out if you want
    Tag: HuLuN
    Map 5x5 3BGs heroic mods
    Once we get back to 30 solid we will have 1 BG running map6
    No AW
  • You are welcome to join us in either in BG2 or GB3 both doing Map 5.
    BG1 is doing Map 6 and we score 300M in AQ.
    AW optional.

    add me if you'd like.
    in-game Superman-ca
    line app: Superman.ca

  • ubiquitousWindubiquitousWind Posts: 108
    We have an opening if you’re still looking. We have BGs that accommodates all time zones. There are EU players in my BG specifically
  • Be_niceBe_nice Posts: 82
    Hi! My line ID is be-nice1754
    Would love to chat!
  • Dc0909Dc0909 Posts: 23
    Map6 ally. Need 1. Find me : Felix Fox.
  • Jeschatts88Jeschatts88 Posts: 89
    Hey there! We are running 554 daily with basic mods and we hit over 210 mil. We’d like to go to 555 to get to 250 mil! Come join us! 1BG AW....Jeschatts on line
  • fourkwardfourkward Posts: 28
    Good day, we are running 5x5, hit 250. 1 war bg optional. We have a group with EU, Aussies and US
    Line id#. 7imb3r
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 218
    Hit me up on line at kaycg1 have the perfect fit for you!
  • We do map 5 and 6. you can join us if you'd liike, do map 5, and get map 6 rewards.
    BG1 = 6x5
    BG2 = 5x5
    BG3 = 5x5

    ingame = Superman-ca
    line app = Superman.ca
  • Big_cheese243Big_cheese243 Posts: 25
    Are you still looking for an alliance?
  • Big_cheese243Big_cheese243 Posts: 25
    Line- bigchees243
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