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Why does it disconnect after a win?!

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Connection issues have been on-going amd continue to happen.....and yet we still have penalties when it's been established its not us disconnecting it's your game!

Also, how come the game decides to disconnect at END of battle after "YOU WIN" animation starts AND then it doesn't register as a win? When you lose it registers if it disconnects. Why do we have to take a penalty for a match that we already won.....or worse we have to replay a boss and now we used up our resources on the previous matches. If these problems are going to continue (like they have for years) the penalty needs to be removed or you need and SHOULD
throw us some compensation every few weeks like any other company does! It's garbage we have to continue to waste units on revives and potions for issues that we are not causing. It doesn't matter device or how new your phone is. 1000s of reports amd combines no resolution and co tinied penalties and frustration.

If game disconnects AFTER you win it should be a make plenty of money to accommodate us better.
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