Idea for bonus monthly quest instead of the 4* challenge

So recently I've heard a lot about having to invest resources in 4* champs that are good for nothing except the monthly 4* challenge. Since the nodes were updated, some of the champs previously ranked up might not work out as well on the new nodes.

But I'm just wondering, why are we getting incentivized to invest into 4* champs when they are useless everywhere else in the game? Especially for cavalier/thronebreaker players. My suggestion is to get rid of the 4* challenge and replace it with a Boss Rush "esque" challenge where we can use whichever * champs we want, but have a proportional challenge, while not having to worry about potentially wasting resources on a 4* champ we cannot use anywhere in the game that is relevant to progression in game.

The Boss rush doesn't have to be a separate quest either, it could be a bonus chapter that unlocks when you 100% cav difficulty or a unique lane in each quest (I don't really like this option, but its an option.) Node it up, put some hard champs on the lane, I really don't care, as long as I don't have to potentially waste like 10 t4 b on a 4* champ that is no longer relevant to 99.999999% of the content that cavalier player have left in the game. It is the fact that it is specifically targeted for cav and higher players that it just irks me. Let the big boys use the big toys on beefy opponents for a cool monthly challenge instead of scaling the champ requirement back while keeping the same health pools for the normal cav quest.

If this is considered, I do not think the class global nodes should necessarily apply to the challenge if the challenge was embedded into the individual quests via lanes.
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