An idea for Hela as a champion

The following are just ideas. They are not what Kabam may be working on. I thought it would just be fun. This is one of my first posts and I'm welcome to suggestions on layout and open to feedback on my ideas.


Class: Cosmic (Cosmic/Mystic, like Karnak.)

Ability: Tightening Grip

As the opponent's health decreases, Hela gains X attack.

Hela is poison immune.

Heavy Attack:

Gains unstoppable for the duration of the attack.


DREDGE - With a slash of her sword, ripping into the opponent, Hela has X% chance to cause degeneration dealing X damage lasting for X seconds depending on the opponent's power meter.


SOWN WITH DARKNESS - Fires two bolts of dark energy. The first has X% chance to penetrate block and apply heal block. The second, if strikes, creates a soul bond if the target is below 50% power when hit or a stronger degeneration if over 50% power when hit. 


HARVEST - After overpowering the foe with a flurry of hits, Hela reaches out her Hand of Glory and reaps their soul. Applies, heal block, soul bound and nullify.


Asgardians - 5% Power gain (Not incl. Loki)

Dormammu - Power rivalry - Xcrit damage

Keeper of the dead - Guillotine - +15% ability accuracy

Crit rate - Loki

- Witty


  • WittyWitty Posts: 38
    I did not see the character wishlist post. Now I feel dumb. Great.
  • Matt110303Matt110303 Posts: 8
    Good just hope Adora doesn't Trash this masterpiece
  • WittyWitty Posts: 38
    After this first one, I somehow ended up spending some free time creating some other characters. I've got an idea for beta ray bill. I've done one on Doc Oc which I'll share tomorrow and I've revised parts of Hela's and started on Quicksilver. This stuff is actually quite fun to think about. Shame that I won't be able to put them into the real game.
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