Problems with the game.

Hey guys, it's me again, and today I would like to discuss problems with the game. I understand it's hard to fix them, but some are absolutely ridiculous.
1) Champions that should have immunities, but don't. Ok, there are a few posts on this topic, but Ghost Rider and Dormammu utilize fire. So why aren't they immune or healed by incinerate damage.
2 Android Gameplay... In general
Once again, hard to fix, but I'm kind of exaggerating here, but I can hit the 10 minute mark by lag alone. This is a problem.
3) Bugs, glitches, and treatment of highly anticipated Champions
This one is really disappointing because my brother and I had both chased after Carnage. I got him from a spider verse crystal. I was wrong to think he was a good character.

Anyway guys, I'm going to stop it here, tell me what you think.
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